@RoisinConaty: Josh and I and up

@RoisinConaty: Josh and I and up

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Anonymous → Have you got any links to series 3, episode six of the last leg? Because it's not on 40d. Ones that i can watch in the uk?:) thank-you:)

Weirdly enough, I can only find streaming links for episodes 5 and 7… =/ I’ll keep an eye out though! I’m sorry…

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Anonymous → What episode of the last leg is it where josh and alex are in bed with a picture of (i think) Vladimir Putin?

That happened on episode 6 of series 3. With Boris Johnson as a guest. 

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5. Josh Widdicombe

Josh represents the able-bodied on the hosting team. He’s no slouch and earns his place on The Last Leg couch due to his comedic flair and fair intelligence. He brings the guy in the street’s attitude to the show but in a way that it is set up to be challenged. He’s the one we look toward to lead us in those questions able-bodied people want to know about disabled people but are afraid to ask for fear of causing offense. Josh is also the guy that has to endure the pseudo-disabled experiences and experiments, for example; what’s it like to not have the use of an arm to open a can of beans. Josh’s regular slot on the show is an irreverent offbeat commentary to events of the past week’s news.

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Thank You, George Osborne

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The Last Leg did a thing last night where they wanted the audience to tweet in suggestions for a rom-com (or leg-rom) about Alex and Josh. My favourite suggestion was Friends With Disability Benefits, so I made a poster.

Credit for the image of Alex and Josh: Idil Sukan/Draw HQ/WENN.com - London - Friday 13th December 2013

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Josh is finally recording an episode of Pointless! I do feel bad for poor Ivo though… 

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The Last Leg S04E05

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I quite like it!

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